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Cristina. wygrał w ostatnim dniu 7 Luty

Cristina. ma najbardziej lubianą zawartość!

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O Cristina.

  • Urodziny 05.03.1986


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    Romanian , Bucharest


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  1. Wersja 4.3

    2 pobrania

    Works with the latest versions of these applications: IP.Board 4.3.x Admin Control Panel IP.Commerce IP.Pages IP.Downloads IP.Gallery IP.Blog IP.Calendar Chatbox Clubs Subscriptions & More! Included in the download: Skin XML file for installation Matching Admin CP Theme All fonts used throughout the skin logo.psd team-icon.psd IBTheme copyright and license agreement Links to purchase add-ons like installation, copyright removal, logo text change, etc.
  2. Wersja 1.0.0

    3 pobrania

  3. Wersja 4.3

    4 pobrania

    This plugin works and looks best with the crankychips theme! This is a integrated sidebar widget showing information about your steam group. The widget block has two color options that can be switched from the settings of the block, so it will fit with any color scheme you have on your theme. It also has some toggle options to hide/show the group description or members of the steam group. What's New in Version 1.2.0 This plugin was rebuilt so we recommend deleting the old one from your suite and do a fresh install with this one. You can have multiple blocks of this widgets with the option to select which groups can see each one of them
  4. Cristina.

    Mind 2.1

    Wersja 4.3

    0 pobrań

    A nice looking and minimalistic IPS theme with newest web standards included in.
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